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CIPD Conference: Robots versus Human Resources

Gillian reflects on the CIPD Conference in Edinburgh from a couple of weeks ago.

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Breathe HR Partner Summit

Laura and I were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to London recently to attend the Breathe HR partners summit. So I thought I’d provide a quick update on the day for those who might be interested. Read more


Exciting news!

As some of you may already know, one of our Account Managers, Gillian has recently created an exciting opportunity, not just for us, but for our clients.

Gillian has been working along with employment lawyers from TC Young to create a knowledgeable E-Learning course for staff to use to learn about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Read more


The Distributive Justice of Equal Pay under the Equality Act

The Equal Pay Act 1970 was the main piece of UK legislation with regard to the pay of men and women and has since been incorporated into the Equality Act 2010. The Act looks at pay in three main areas: (1) Work that is the same, or broadly the same; (2) Work of equal value; and (3) Work that is rated the same as that of a comparator. There are no shortage of articles and publications on the topic of equal pay, so I thought that I would write this article with a slightly different focus – the ‘Distributive Justice’ of equal pay under the Equality Act.

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The Seven Leadership Theories

It is common for a lot of emphasis to be placed on Leadership – not just in a work and organisational context, but also in politics and sport for example.  Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alex Ferguson are a couple of notable examples of ‘Leading’ in their respective realms. However, the definition and description of Leadership can be quite complex – so what form(s) do you think Leadership comes in?

With a brief reference to academic literature, this blog looks at the seven “Leadership Theories”.

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Cyber Security – A new world?

The words have a futuristic sense to them but the issues are real and alive today.  In our data storing and gigabyte gobbling world what does it mean to us and what should we do?

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Margery’s Back! Endeavour achieved and more P’s

People, Places and Promises and always with Passion

Margery has returned from her travels and is delighted to share some of her experiences:

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Important dates for the HR Calendar

A handy HR checklist for July and August

Read Margery McBain’s handy HR checklist for July and August as featured in The Start Up Donut, full of useful tips for employers over the summer months.


Travel chaos again

Wind & Ash

Over the recent weeks, strong heavy winds have affected road and rail travel across Scotland, and again, ash cloud has impacted on our air travel. Freak weather has been a topic of our blogs since winter 2010, and so this blog seeks to remind employers of some obligations or tips for dealing with such incidences.
With our summer holidays approaching us, the risk of non-attendance increases.

Can I deduct pay where an employee hasn’t attended work?

You will need to check your terms and conditions, however generally speaking an employee has no right to pay when they do not attend work due to travel delays. You will need to review custom and practice, what provisions did you put in place during Winter 2010 and 2009? It may be fairer to agree for an employee to take holidays, or agree part unpaid leave, as in some instances the employee has no way of getting home from abroad, or to work.

What can I do to avoid further disruption?

We strongly advise that employers put robust policies and procedures in place that provide for freak weather and travel disruption. However, within these policies employers should leave some room for discretion where travel disruption leaves employees stranded .