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What Do You Do Next? Webinar Reflections

In our webinar we look at the process of redundancy.  The primary purpose of this is to give information to help business owners to establish whether they need more information to decide whether this is a strategy that they want or need to follow.  It is a guide not the cyclopaedia to redundancy.

There are many complexities to these types of processes.  Some activities are statutory and happen for those employees with more than 2 years’ service; there are others which are good practice and we would recommend in certain circumstances and there are other tactics which would be helpful in some circumstances.  So there is no one prescribed route and we recommend that the planning phase is critical to choosing the most appropriate approach to fit with the set of circumstances within your business.

If you would like to discuss your redundancy process or whether this is the right route for you please do reach out to us at to start that conversation.

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Our Next Webinar

Join us on Tuesday the 2nd of June at 12.30pm where we will be discussing “Furlough Phase 2” and what this could mean for your business. Following the extension of the job retention scheme until October this year and with a predicted announcement this week on the next stage of Furlough, we will be holding a Q&A session to help answer as many of your queries as we can!

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Furlough Phase 2 – What Happens Next?

Following the Government’s announcement that the furlough scheme will continue until the end of October and with an expected announcement this week regarding the details of the second phase of furlough, our next webinar will be your chance to ask all of your questions about phase 2. 

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What Do You Do Next? Furlough, Restructure, Redundancy?

As we continue to face lockdown, albeit with some gradual easing of restrictions and continual media news of economic downturn and shrinking of the economy, you may be thinking of what steps to take within your business or organisation.

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Employment Q&A Summary

Following our recent employment Q&A webinar we have put together a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions relating to furlough and other issues.

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What Do The Governments New Return to Work Announcements Mean for Scottish Businesses?

With England already starting a return to work, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland remain on lockdown which means any return to the workplace remains unlikely for the majority of workers furloughed in Scotland just now.

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Good Conversations At A Difficult Time

Margery has put together some of her thoughts and observations following yesterday’s “Good Conversations” webinar……

You can never have too many good conversations.  But what is a good conversation and why is it important today?

We don’t have to look too far in the world to find bleak, disjointed and difficult messages from sources which you’re not even sure you can trust. Yet it does not seem quite right to cut off completely from advice and guidance.  In the context of this mixed messaging how do you have a good conversation?

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Good Conversations

As lockdown continues and the media news is somewhat bleak in terms of economic outlook, this naturally has had a negative impact on many people’s health and wellbeing. With very little news that we will get back to the workplace (for many) any time soon or that social restrictions will be lifted, it is a pretty grim prospect for many us.

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Webinar Summary: Managing Workload

Today we explored the topic of managing workload which, if out of balance can be the root of stress, but if managed effectively can be the source of fulfilling and meaningful contribution. It is not just too little or too much; there are qualitative elements to be considered. When quality is impacted there is a risk of dilution of customer service standards and potential risk to reputation and business positioning.

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Managing Workload

The end of the beginning. As it becomes increasingly apparent that we need to change and adapt to working with, alongside and amongst the COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, it is becoming more necessary for us to think about how we should adapt our working practices and management style.

In this series of webinars we have been thinking about “settling the ball”, taking time to start planning for what comes next and to think about a more “social labouring” approach to managing teams.

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