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Why A Lack of Sleep is Costing Employers £1035 Per Employee Per Annum

Did you know…

4 in 10 people regularly get insufficient sleep

1 in 5 sleep poorly most nights

70 million sick days are lost in the UK to mental health issues

On Tuesday 18th August, 12.30 pm – 1 pm, we will be learning how sleep can affect your mental health and by extension impact your work and business. With recent events and the stress, uncertainty and anxiety it has caused, there is no doubt that many of us will have suffered a few sleepless nights.

We are delighted to welcome Aliyah Rehman of the Strathclyde Sleep Research Unit within the University of Strathclyde as our guest speaker.

Aliyah will reflect on the academic research in relation to how sleep can affect your and your team’s mental health, productivity and effectiveness. With 1 in 3 days absence attributed to stress and anxiety and the avg. annual cost to an employer of £1035 per team member, it’s a serious issue that is likely to be heightened in the current circumstances.

Although there is perhaps a greater awareness and understanding of mental health today than there was a few decades ago, it can still be a taboo subject and no employer is immune from the effects. Aliyah will also be sharing their tips to a great night’s sleep and the positive mental and physical benefits it has.

Cameron will also discuss what employers can do in the current climate to help their employees (and indeed themselves) to get a good night’s sleep and preserve their physical and mental health, as well as maintaining a good level of productivity.

This will be an interactive session so please come with your questions and ideas.

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Webinar Summary: Is Recruitment Dead?

Recruitment is Definitely Not Dead

Kirsty MacKenzie from iMultiply confirmed that there are roles out there, it is just the volume that has decreased.  She also commented on the changing nature of the recruitment market and gives some very practical advice to employers looking to recruit and for potential candidates looking for a new role.

Some key points to note:

  • Employer brand is key to make your role and your organisation stand out
  • Be ahead of Covid 19 questions, take the initiative and set out how you have responded to the pandemic, how it has impacted your business, what business contingency plans you have in place and what challenges lie ahead
  • Consider what employees may be looking for from an employer which could be in relation to terms and conditions or more around the culture and way of working and how that will impact them in a new role
  • Think through the interviewing process, perhaps start with a short telephone call; followed by an online meeting giving consideration to how many people there are on the call and the tone of that call and make allowances for technology gaffs
  • Consider whether there are different ways in which to contract with a new employee that may be more suited to the current circumstances
  • Remember you may not get it right first time, in terms of leadership or indeed managing a recruitment process but if you take advice, listen to the experience of others and be open minded to different approaches you may minimise risk

For candidates:

  • Go for quality rather than quantity when applying for roles – less is more rather than just any role that you might be in scope for
  • Build up relationships with consultants within relevant recruitment businesses
  • Use your professional and personal network to look for possible roles
  • Tailor your CV on achievements rather than duties
  • If you have been “at home” for a while talk about what you have achieved during that time, volunteering, helping in the community or any learning that you have completed


The recruitment market is alive and well, there is a reduction in volume but there are roles out there, especially in specific sectors for example health and social care; fintech; tech start up.  As an employer you may need to think differently about how to approach the market and it maybe advisable to get some expert advice to help you navigate the recruitment and selection journey; you may need to change the way in which you contract with your new hire and paying attention to your employer brand will pay you dividends.

If either iMultiply or Gravitate can assist you with you recruitment needs please do reach out to Kirsty at or  Look forward to hearing from you.


Is Recruitment Dead?

With thousands of job losses being reported regularly in the media is recruitment dead for the foreseeable future? Are there sectors which are growing and looking for new and different skill sets? As an employer if you are recruiting how do you avoid being overloaded with spurious and inappropriate applications? We heard of one bar looking to recruit 2 new members of staff who would normally get approximately 20 applications received over 500.

One of the very real challenges many businesses are faced with is the balancing act of generating enough work to bring their team back to work while servicing that business themselves. It has also been a time for us to reset and take stock which has resulted in some team members deciding not to return thereby potentially creating the need to recruit.

Kirsty McKenzie, CEO of iMultiply, finance and executive recruitment specialists, and Margery will be discussing how you should approach the market to find and attract the right skills and experience.They’ll also be discussing what trends, changes and challenges has COVID had on recruitment.

If you have a question or a point of view either as an employer looking out at the recruitment market or as an employee contemplating a new job role, what do you need to know to navigate your way through this minefield with some authority and confidence.

Join us on Tuesday 11th of August, 12.30 pm – 1 pm.






Why Mindset Matters In Business – Now More Than Ever

Yvonne Webb of ActionCOACH joined us for our most recent webinar on 4th August 2020. Yvonne works with business owners, managers and teams across a number of strategic and operational initiatives to improve the people within the organisation and ultimately the business performance.

The session looked specifically at mindset and how this can impact resilience, highlighting how important these areas are for leaders within businesses and within teams. Yvonne and Neil felt this would be a good area to cover given where businesses are in the covid-19 recovery process – more and more organisations are now returning in some capacity after a challenging few months. But it is not as straightforward as opening the shutters and back to business as usual for anyone. The challenge to recover and become prosperous again is arguably more difficult than placing the business into hibernation and so mindset and resilience become even more important.

Yvonne gave an informative and thought-provoking summary of the importance of mindset in business; the positive effects that a growth rather than fixed mindset could bring and some practical suggestions as to how organisations could introduce discussion and development on mindset into their business.

Yvonne suggested a starting point with a team could be to have the team watch Carol Dweck’s TedTalk and then note down their thoughts and opinions on this to discuss as a group. Alternatively, or in addition to this, Yvonne welcomed anyone who wished to discuss this further to contact her to discuss how to approach mindset with your team. Similarly, if anyone wishes the opportunity to take up a free coaching session, Yvonne can be reached on 072534999762.

A recording of the webinar can be found here.

Join Margery and Kirsty McKenzie of I-Multiply for our next webinar on Tuesday 11th August which will discuss recruitment in the context of the current pandemic. For further information and to sign up, click here.


Protecting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Employers

Why Mindset Matters in Business – Now More Than Ever

HR isn’t just about looking after your team and their needs, it’s also about how you look after you. Never has there been a more important time to look after yourself and to develop a strong mindset in business. With so many unknowns and great uncertainty it is incredibly tough to manage and plan your business. Often we focus on the job in hand, selling, keeping customers happy, productivity, deadlines etc..we often forget to look after our own welfare and mental health.

The voice in our head is the most powerful drug to influence performance – good or bad. Spending time understanding this, and importantly working on it with your team is an essential in the environment we find ourselves in.

In this 30 minute lunchtime webinar, Yvonne Webb of ActionCOACH joins Neil to take us through some concepts around Mindset and Resilience to help stimulate our thinking of how we can achieve the mindset we need now to be successful and how we can also support our teams achieve the same. Developing resilience both in yourself and your team will help overcome many of the challenges that businesses will experience as we continue to adapt during this pandemic.

Yvonne spent 25 years working with some of the top companies in the UK including Cadbury and Coca Cola, before setting up her own ActionCOACH practice.



Webinar Summary: The Challenges of Returning To Work

Not only did we get to see inside the offices of SeeByte and the measures they have taken to make the workplace safe for employees, we got a good insight into their Covid 19 management approaches.  SeeByte is a software house which services the defence and military sectors and therefore it has very specific and stringent security contractual requirements.  So on the one hand it has a culture which attracts, retains and develops “cool” software engineers, so that it can compete with the likes of Google.  At the same time it has rigorous approaches to security, IT infrastructure and data management to meet the requirements of its customers.

Then bring on lockdown and the need for everyone to work from home – well nearly everyone.

SeeByte have adopted a phased approach to working arrangements underpinned by open communication and consultation with employees, which have included:-

  • Policy and procedures to follow relating to entry into the offices and presence in the office
  • Adaptations to communal areas to make these contactless, hygienic and functional
  • Duty management rota to ensure management presence in the office
  • Online platform to communicate and “book” office time and ensure that numbers of employees are managed and meet capacity guidelines
  • Collecting of data through online platform, meeting room logs and sign in registers to support Test and Trace measures
  • Gradual phased opening up of office to all employees, transitioning from remote working to a combination of office and home working.
  • Promoting personal responsibility for personal and office space hygiene and working practices
  • Special measures to allow employees to return home after a long time away from family
  • Development of more specific data sharing measures if home working is to continue as “home working environments” will have to meet security requirements

SeeByte will continue to navigate the journey through lockdown, encouraging employees to work a blend of home and office working, with more office working becoming more routine albeit on a very part time basis.  Even with these consultative approaches they are alive to the possibility of difficult conversations with reluctant returners, at some point in the future.  It is with the track record of all these measures that if necessary, they would be able to turn to some more directive conversations around the need for SeeByte to continue to meet its business and contractual requirements. That is some way off.  In the meantime they seek to build a safe working environment, ensure personal responsibility for safe working practices and track information and data that are essential in the event of Test and Trace.

None of us know what lies ahead.  It is difficult to predict what questions to ask, far less know the answers.  Sharing experiences and approaches helps us to learn and grow as we navigate this journey.

If you would like to discuss how you are approaching a return to the workplace, please reach out to one of the Gravitate HR team and we will be happy to have a discussion with you.




The Challenge’s of Returning to Work

Following on from our webinar, How to Manage Reluctant Returners, we are going to delve deeper into the issue which elicited much discussion and debate, of managing your team returning to work.


Scott Reed, Chief Technical Officer at SeeByte, is joining Margery to share some of the practical measures that they have put in place to make the office space Covid compliant.

SeeByte has 70 employees in Edinburgh with a small sister company of 6-7 in San Diego. Scott will be sharing how they have ensured accurate information for Test and Trace and the approaches the business is taking to get the team back to the office and working as a team safely and effectively.

There are some very practical and business related reasons that are driving these types of decisions and have given the management team a number of potential dilemmas as they balance the culture expectations of the team, demanding client requirements and management of expert skills and technical resources.

Please join us to learn more of that journey, come prepared to join in the discussion with your questions and scenarios that will broaden our understanding of this unventured pathway, in which we all are trying to find answers, solutions and strategies that will work for our businesses and organisations.

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Webinar Summary: Good News Stories

Important Management Lessons We Can Learn From Lockdown 

Following our Webinar yesterday Lunchtime, Margery has put together some thoughts and summarised the conversation…

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Taking Holidays & Travelling During Coronavirus

With travel restrictions starting to ease after months of lockdown, there is one thing on a lot of peoples’ minds…holidays. For many of us, lockdown has meant cancelled holidays, missed events abroad and not being able to see relatives who live further afield. It is only natural that we want to travel. However, there are some considerations to be made from an employment/workplace perspective to ensure that 1) employees are not put at risk and 2) so that employers are protected.

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Upcoming Webinar: Good News Stories

Important Management Lessons We Can Learn from Lockdown 


Date: Tuesday 21st July

Time: 12.30-1pm

There are many lessons we can learn from our period of lockdown as we ease out of it. Lest not we forget, we are going to take some time to share lessons and good news stories from lockdown. Stories which restore our faith in humanity and fellow human beings. Examples and strategies of how we can adapt and develop our new way of working and living. Positive stories which are worthy of sharing and recognising the value that people bring to the world of work.  By sharing these stories we hope to inspire you and act as a source of ideas and learning that you can then apply to your situation, circumstances and team.  

Margery will be speaking to Mark Hoolahan, CEO of The Thistle Foundation and Laura Taylor, Managing Director of Empowered by Cloud which is a cloud based accountancy firm to discuss the stories, strategies and lessons they have learnt during what has been a difficult time for many. 

We would love you to join us and to share your learnings either beforehand or on the day so that we can take away a positive nugget and plant a seed of hope or inspiration.

Only positivity and warm vibes allowed!!!

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