It would be normal in Q4 to firm up on budgets, business plans, goals and objectives for the year ahead.

After the experiences of 2020,it seems to me that is not necessarily a good use of valuable management time to go into detail.  If I learnt anything from last year it was that remaining agile and flexible to respond to the challenges and opportunities that arose was beneficial and served us well.  So on the cusp of 2021, how do we approach the year ahead?  I liken it to being in the harbour and preparing to set sail.  I know that my destination is across the ocean and I have a broad plan on co ordinates to reach my expected landing.  As I leave the harbour I will be subject to the vagaries of weather patterns, tides, wind, currents, and my ability to navigate!  It will not be a straight forward passage and I will have to make changes to my route, I will have to cope with disappointment and backward travel, I will need to dig deep, take advantage of the tide and wind when it is in my favour and I will have to have confidence in my ability to navigate and lead the team.

Here are 4 strategies to keep in mind as we head towards 2021:

  1. Keep positive  – have a positive mindset for yourself and your team.
  2. Be aware of your own mental threshold and be prepared to augment that with support from those around you.
  3. Listen, listen and then listen some more – listening will be the key skills to being an effective leader – listen to the market, listen to your staff, listen to advisors, listen to your instinct.
  4. Take people with you – we are in this together and we need to be supported by each other and the collective good will be stronger and more powerful than a lone voice.

Underpinning these strategies is the need for effective communication.  You will not communicate too much ever, be aware of digital fatigue and use the phone, go for a walk, go for a virtual walk, mix it up.  Be authentic in your communication, there is plenty of under delivered promises and misinformation in the external environment, so create a safe space for internal communication.

Planning for 2021 needs a fresh approach that allows us to be agile, creative, and accountable.

Next week we will update you on expected changes in employment law and trends which you can then build into your journey through 2021.