DiSC Evaluation – How can it help your organisation?

The Gravitate HR Glasgow team joined the Edinburgh team last week to take part in a DiSC evaluation session with Gravitate’s very own Gillian Steele who is a qualified DiSC Practitioner.

DiSC evaluation provides insight into the different personality types and preferred communication styles that the people in your team possess. This can be a useful tool for; team building, employee communication, conflict management, motivation, employee engagement, productivity and career development.

During our DiSC session, we; identified our DiSC style(s), found out our motivators, found out our stressors, found out how best to work with all of the other styles and how best to resolve conflict with each other.

We were very happy to see that at Gravitate HR we have a very well-rounded team and a good mix/balance of styles. This means that each person in the team brings different characteristics and strengths to the table.

The session takes between 2/3 hours and can be a fun team building day. If you want to run a DiSC evaluation session for your team or would like to find out a bit more about DiSC, please get in touch with Gillian on gillian@gravitatehr.co.uk.

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