We’re a small team, but one that’s been around the block, dealt with every sort of employment issue and put our expertise to the test time and time again.

A track record you can trust

There’s not much in HR that we haven’t done. From the kind of ongoing, everyday issues that every employer expects to the difficult and sensitive cases that few are prepared for, we’ve gained experience across the full spectrum of our industry – and put it the test many times over.

Every employer is unique and every service we provide is tailored to a particular situation, meeting a particular need. So there’s never a single answer, nor a ready-made solution. Yet our experience equips us with the ability to meet whatever task is ahead of us – from managing sensitive grievance cases, to playing a role in the success of a start-up (and many, many more).

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Join Margery and Kirsty McKenzie, CEO of iMultiply, finance and executive recruitment specialists on Tuesday 11th July to discuss how you should approach the market to find and attract the right skills and experience. To find out more, click the link below!

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