Closing the doors

Each and every business goes through life cycles. Change happens – and sometimes it’s a painful process. We’ve helped a few businesses take those last sensitive steps before closing down, ensuring that everything is managed with care and attention.

Clear communication is key

For anyone going through the redundancy process, the biggest fear is the unknown. So to keep your staff in the dark about the process involved can only exacerbate the issue – turning a difficult situation into an angry one. However, it’s important to plan this kind of communication carefully. Bad news should be delivered clearly and with sensitivity.

Stay professional

When a business closes down, it’s not just a difficult time for your staff. It’s a difficult time for you too. It’s easy to become fatalistic, but it’s vital to maintain a professional and systematic approach. This ensures that an unpleasant task goes smoothly, but more importantly, it preserves the respect and integrity of all involved too. Act the right way when you’re closing the doors on one business and you may find it easier to open new doors later down the line.

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