Furlough Fallout: How To Reunite Your Team When They Return

One of the most unprecedented aspects of the current situation is the 9.1 million people who are currently furloughed, some since the 17th of March. For the vast majority they will never have experienced “time off” work like this.

There are by contrast those who have had to work all the harder during the past 4 months in reduced teams, working from home while also home schooling. Their experience will be night and day compared to that of their colleagues who are furloughed. It is therefore likely that this situation will have created a “them and us scenario” with possible resentments felt on both sides. Why was I furloughed and you weren’t? I’ve had to work longer, harder hours while you were sunning yourself…

How as an employer do you manage “them and us” furloughed situations and reunite your team?

At our next webinar on Tuesday 7th July from 12.30- 1 pm, Margery will be in discussion with Mark Blair, director at Effective Now how you can manage the ‘them and us’ situation in your own business and team. 

We will be discussing:

  • How to manage the ‘them and us’ scenario following furlough
  • How to reunite your team and get back to effective teamwork 
  • How understanding other people’s perspectives and experiences is key to effective teamwork

Effective Now is a people based consultancy who work with SME’s to make businesses more successful by making you and your team more effective. They work with companies who want to improve communication in their business, need to make significant changes and who want to achieve an effective working culture.

Mark’s background as an international rugby star playing for Ulster winning the European Cup, Edinburgh and Narbonne in France gives him some unique insights and experiences of effective teams and how you keep a team together even through the tough times.

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