Glasgow Updates

Approaching the end of our third full calendar year and over 3.5 years since we opened our Glasgow office, so felt it was a good time to provide an update or two in what has been a busy and exciting year for Gravitate HR.

Glasgow Office

The year began with our largest project to date as we supported an organisation with a large-scale restructure. This involved a high-degree of consultation on both an individual and collective basis, liaising with operations and admin staff, heads of departments and the Board. The project saw significant redundancies due to the closure of the largest operational section of the organisation and the revamping of terms and conditions within other areas.

In other areas, we have once again grown our retained HR support client base and this has involved supporting some very interesting organisations who are both well-established and those who are in their infancy. We have worked with many Housing Associations on a variety of projects. The team look forward to continuing to support these clients and helping them grow and achieve their objectives.

May 2019 saw our Glasgow team grow to three with Celine Williams joining as an HR Assistant. It was great to see a new dynamic in our office that had been just Cameron and myself in the preceding years, with (a little) less football chat on the go!

Wider Business

We have a great team in place within the overall business and have enjoyed working together, supporting each other and even gaining a better understanding of our personalities and how we can better adapt to one another.

Gravitate HR has once again enjoyed a record turnover, having set ourselves an ambitious target for growth in 2019. We have established a presence in Falkirk and look forward to developing more opportunities within the region.

Our seminars and client events throughout the year have ensured we are adding value to our services. Topics this year have included financial well-being, time management and the importance of sleep on mental health. Look out for our 2020 seminars from early next year!

What’s next?

As we approach the end of the year and reflect, our attentions are never far away from a new year. We will take some time off at Christmas to relax and spend time with family and friends, returning in January with a recharged drive and enthusiasm for supporting SMEs with their HR needs.

We will develop our E-learning and software-based offerings for clients who are continually seeking ways to reduce their paper use. As always, we’ll look to grow our client base and our team accordingly. We will continue keep ourselves at the forefront of developments within our industry and ensure we are providing clients with bespoke, tailored solutions to give them peace of mind.

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