Good Conversations – Part 2 Webinar

Lockdown continues and is set to be with us for some time bringing continued uncertainty for managers and employees.

There’s a growing realisation that people are struggling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety, yet as business leaders in these challenging circumstances, we still need to manage our businesses, make difficult decisions about staffing, make essential changes, manage employee performance and still keep people motivated.

How do we as business owners, managers, and supervisors have conversations with employees in a way that helps us all to address these challenges?  In an earlier webinar Margery and Ross Grieve from Thistle discussed the principles that managers can adopt that allow us listen to and acknowledge what people say, trust people to find their way through a situation and help us resist the impulse to try to ‘fix’ or ‘solve’.  It’s about having conversations that allow an employee to develop their own solutions and way forward to deal with changes and challenges in their own time and their own way.  Perhaps we don’t need to ‘push’ our solutions or what we think is best.

In this next webinar we are going to see these principles put into practice and see them demonstrated in a role-play.  The scenario is set by Margery, drawing on recent experiences and examples, and then played out by Ross and Leanne who are wellbeing practitioners at Thistle.  This will be a real live and lived example of the skills and tools available to you. There will be an opportunity to analyse what happened in the role play and take the learning.

We hope that you will join us for this practical masterclass insight session.  It would be helpful if you could revisit the webinar and the blog before joining us as this will set the conversations in context. You can join here.

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