Honesty is one of the values at Gravitate HR and for me rightly deserves its place.  Honesty can take many forms in a personal or in more of a work context.  Being honest with yourself is very important, for me it helps me to be true to myself, though it can sometimes take a while for me to be really honest with myself about things, I am human after all.

In a work context I think it’s very important.  In my role you need to be honest with the advice you give, it help builds rapport and build a relationship and there is no point agreeing with a client’s point of view if you know that things won’t turn out that way.  You need to be honest with them, set expectations and give them different options to think about.  I think as we all value honesty within our team we operate better and thus improve our service to our clients.

I respect those that are honest with me, it’s not always the easiest path being honest, sometimes you might get a bit of a reaction for being honest, but in the end I think honesty is the best policy.

– Rae Glencross Chartered MCIPD, HR Account Manager at Gravitate HR