How to manage reluctant returners

In this webinar with Charlie Johnston, director at Paratus Executive, we continued on the theme of getting back to work and the workplace.

We shared strategies on how to cope with reluctant returners. Some of us are eager and willing to get back to work and return to the workplace. Some are a bit more ambivalent and others are reluctant.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How do you assess how your team members will react?
  • What strategies can you adopt to cope with their reaction?
  • Are there genuine and legitimate reasons not to return to work?
  • What is the leadership mindset to approach this and deliver a positive outcome?
  • What communication will be important in the coming weeks to re-energise the team?

There are no guidebooks or procedural norms for dealing with these sets of circumstances and the rules have not been written. Therefore there are no rights or wrongs but are there some good practice guidelines and constructs that we can draw upon to drive your business forward, regain some lost ground and get the team working together.

I have good practical organisational level strategies to share with you which is the first step but what do you do with the information that you gather? How do you respond and how do you get the team back to work, even those who might be reluctant?


With guidance changing so frequently, we are doing our best to keep you up to date. The information provided in the recording above is our understanding at this point in time (14th July 2020), however as more and different advice becomes available this position may change and we will update accordingly. This is an evolving and unfolding situation, and we take the view that different measures may need to be applied for different sets of circumstances at an appropriate time. We as a team are available to discuss with you what measures are available to you.

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