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From managing cases to managing performance, from investigating issues to finding resolutions and from creating policy to implementing strategy, we’re here to cut through complexity and support your success.

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Why Hire An HR Company

Our understanding and experience reaches into every aspect of the relationship between employers and their people, from the strategic to the practical, from the extraordinary to the everyday. We’ve worked with organisations of every sort, size and sector, playing our part in their successes by delivering specific programmes and pieces of work.

We’re ready to bring that expertise to you. Whether it’s about reacting to new situations, investigating issues or instigating change, no two cases, programmes or jobs are ever the same. So we’ll shape our approach to the task at hand.

For the most challenging circumstances or complex strategies, our team is second to none. And even if it’s a simpler matter with more defined outcomes, our HR Project services can provide the answer. Whatever the next step for your organisation, we’ll be here to help you make it.

Absence costs British businesses billions of pounds every year – whether through lost productivity, temporary covering staff or the knock-on impact to other staff.

Of course, every employee will miss a day or two here and there. But absence is an issue we can manage – with robust policies and procedures, and an effective strategy for dealing with the tricky cases. From helping you understand the legal standpoint to helping you manage the individual instances, we can help you maximise attendance within your organisation.
The most difficult and sensitive cases can be minefields, ready to catch out even the most well-meaning managers. We’ll help you understand your obligations, protect you from the risks and ensure you act fairly and well within employment law.

Whether you’re dealing with a formal complaint, or someone’s made an informal approach, it’s vital you take action. The first step is simple – get in touch. We’ll be there for the rest.
The right recruitment strategy is all about the business you want to be. Attract and select the best people and you’ll build a team capable of almost anything.

We’ll develop a process that lets you identify and define the roles you need to fill, approach the market effectively and choose the candidates with the skills and attitude that fit with your culture. We’ll cut out unnecessary costs and damaging mistakes, giving you the confidence to make the right decision with every appointment. And when it’s time to put pen to paper, we’ll make sure you have the appropriate offer and contract ready to go.
Company culture is an elusive concept to pin down – and it can be an even more difficult to foster or shape a culture that’s the right fit for your business and your people. But with effective engagement and communication, you can forge stronger links between employee and employer. While there’s much to be gained from taking their temperature and gauging the mood of your workforce, it’s about sharing more than information – it’s also about sharing aims, ideas and identity.
For those tricky situations where a dispute is heading for court or tribunal, mediation can offer an effective (and cost-effective) resolution. It’s a collaborative process, ideal for grievance issues, disciplinary cases or long-term absences. Whatever the circumstances, the key element is that the result is most often the best for all parties.
Individual improvement across your business can add up very quickly to a major boost for overall performance. Whatever the approach and process – using a competency-based framework or 360º feedback, working on paper or online – regular review of your employees’ performance allows you to identify your strengths and find the areas where you can make a difference.

We can help you develop and implement your own programme, tailored to your business and your team – ensuring that you realise your fullest potential.
Sometimes, change is unavoidable – it’s something that you have to endure, whether reacting to external influences, internal aspirations or hard practicalities. But whether it’s new legislation, a shift in the marketplace or an altered focus in the boardroom, the key to your future lies in how you react. Because staying still means being left behind. We can help you explore your options, offering expert advice on the best routes to take and practical support in executing your plan.

In some situations, it’s about managing redundancy efficiently and sensitively. But change doesn’t always have to be a negative experience – it can also mean restructuring to work in a different way and it may even be the catalyst for a more successful future.
Why Hire An HR Company
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