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Why Hire An HR Company

From start to finish, we manage every HR Project with the same dedication and determination. At every step, we apply tried and tested expertise to deliver the best possible result.

Even the short-term pieces of work can have a profound impact on your organisation’s future. Today’s problems, no matter how straightforward or standard, can easily become much the big issues tomorrow if they’re mismanaged or ignored.

Our team is built to step in and handle any HR issue or activity. From large organisations with specialist recruitment needs to smaller businesses needing a thorough HR health check, we’re equipped with the understanding and experience to manage all sorts of projects for all sorts of employers. And for the more complex issues and longer-term programmes, our HR Consultancy services offer proven expertise tailored to your needs.

This is a fundamental task for any business – whether you have a dedicated HR team or not. We’ll audit all of your policies, practices and contracts, on one hand making sure that you’re sticking to the relevant legislation and on the other ensuring that your business has everything that it needs to succeed.

Working through a comprehensive four-stage process (which you can read about here), we’ll find the areas that need work and stake out the strategic role that HR can play in your future.

At the end of the process we’ll produce an in-depth report of all our findings and recommendations, which provides a useful benchmark for measuring improvement. But an HR Healthcheck can also ensuring we get to know your needs and your goals – serving as a solid first step in our relationship and paving the way for a successful HR strategy
Setting excellent standards of HR within your organisation is no matter of falling in line with what the others are doing. It’s about working smarter – and being the best business you can be.

This often follows on from our HR Healthcheck – providing the HR strategy and structures to help your managers lead their teams effectively. It can take many forms, from updating policies and terms & conditions, to setting performance review processes and creating professional development programmes. It’s a process unique to every employer, tailored to your needs, structure and ambitions.

It’s a project that creates a solid foundation for your future HR activities –including our ongoing support.
The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations – known as TUPE – come into play when one business takes over another. As an employer in that instance, it’s vital that you stick to the rules without causing trouble later down the line. You might want all your staff to have the same terms and conditions, for example – but you need to tread carefully, whatever the size and type of your business. We can bring proven ability to any TUPE project, making sure that both employer and employee are protected.
When you have a specific role to fill or team to build, we can guide you through the process to ensure that you hire the best people possible – making the kind of appointment that will have a lasting impact on your business.

We’ll help identify the skills and qualities vital for the role, advertise the opportunity in the right places and manage communications with the candidates that respond. We’ll help you select the candidate that’s right for the role, draft an appropriate offer and provide the contract when it’s time to sign on the dotted line.
Why Hire An HR Company
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