Margery’s Back! Endeavour achieved and more P’s

People, Places and Promises and always with Passion

Margery has returned from her travels and is delighted to share some of her experiences:

Brooklyn Bridge – symbolic of my journey

I can’t begin to explain just how wonderful our planet is.  It is so diverse, filled with amazing sights and sounds, that we should be humbled to live in this world.  And like all good things I am not sure that we appreciate and value what our planet can give us.

The People

Peruvian Porters on the Inca Trail

Homo sapiens the world over – the same species and yet differentiated in so many ways.  Brought together by human understanding and intelligence and separated by our own misguided values, opinions and prejudices.  In the last three weeks, I have travelled in a group, travelled alone and travelled with close family.  Each with its own set of challenges, benefits and opportunities.  My observations are not unique

  • The people who have the least, give the most.
  • All people can be connected by a shared sense of wonder and appreciation
  • Language need not be a barrier
  • Challenge and possible adversity brings out true character in people

Good Friday Parade Quito Ecuador

The Places

Sunset in The Andes

In the past three weeks,

  • I have trekked to high mountain passes, visited sacred Inca ruins, and crossed fast moving rivers:
  • I have walked over harsh volcanic landscapes, through tropical forests, cloud forests, and swam over fish filled reefs and with a penguin
  • I have crossed the Brooklyn Bridge by foot, looked out over the Manhattan skyline and trundled through subterranean New York City:

All so different in so many ways but each environment has its own charms and wow factor – stunning beautiful, breath-taking (literally when at altitude) and unique.  What do they have in common?  Lots.  Each environment has evolved (and continues to evolve) to adapt to different sets of circumstances, whether weather, climate, geological configuration, and man’s interference.  Some of those influences are positive, sustainable and seek to bring harmony.  Other influences are just harmful and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

The Galapagos Islands are a live study of how a landscape can evolve to support life and lives over time – there are live examples of recent volcanic activity and tiny examples of plant form that breaks through and just a few miles away there is lush tropical forest growing on the rich volcanic soil supporting an extraordinary range of animal life.


Bartolome Island, Galapagos


Promises to myself and others

  •  Never take for granted what you have – we are all truly blessed to be on this planet
  • Value and embrace diversity – don’t be frightened of the unknown
  • Learn from cultures – ancient and otherwise. There is always something that we can learn
  • Take every opportunity to travel and explore
  • Recognise our weaknesses when they are revealed
  • Learn from our footprint
  • Live for today
  • Prepare for tomorrow

Our Peruvian guide has a saying that got us through hundreds and thousands of steps, up and down:

Wise words from Justin

Yesterday is history

Today is a mission

Tomorrow is a mystery

It is not a bad mantra if you apply with Passion!


    1. It became quite the mantra during the trek so that we concentrated on the challenge of the moment – each day was different and had a different set of challenges. Live in the moment! Don’t dwell on what has happened and don’t spend time worrying about what has not happened! Justin worked hard to get all of us through the challenges – not just the physical!

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