Rae, our new HR Account Manager, reflects on her first week at Gravitate and starting a new role remotely…

Well I’ve started new jobs before but never where all the interviews were via zoom and I had not yet met any of my colleagues in person. 2020 has been very different for everyone and it has shown how remote working can work.  I received my laptop last week and got myself ready and set up for starting work this Monday, working from home.

I’ve received a warm welcome from everyone in the team and it’s the small things that make a difference – getting messages over Microsoft Teams asking how I’m getting on and my line manager getting in touch at the end of each day, just to check in.  Things that people don’t have to do, but they want to.

I’ve really enjoyed my first week getting to know who our clients are and the work that they do plus how we can help them.  I have even been able to help my colleagues and do some client work which has been great – I am definitely not a spare wheel and am learning new things already, as they say every day is a school day.

I’m looking forward to learning even more next week and contributing to the work we do to support our clients.