I started my new position with Gravitate on the 26 th October 2020.

I think on most peoples first days there is a sense of nervousness and anxiety and mine was no different. I think in addition to these feelings there was also a sense of sadness because I was leaving my previous role in Tesco after 11 years with the organisation. It was safe to say that there was a rollercoaster of emotions as I headed into my first day with Gravitate.

In my previous role, I was inducted more than a decade ago and the drastic changes from then to now within recruitment in wake of the changes made due to the pandemic were also a key contender to why I felt anxious. Not being in the office and not actually going to a ‘place of work’ and instead working from home was like a whole other world and one that I was not accustomed too. It almost felt like it was not real. However, as the first day came to an end, I felt silly and asked myself, why I was worrying as much.

The team at Gravitate are the friendliest and most supportive group I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Even from the interview process, whereby everything was done virtually they made me feel at ease and comfortable with the process. As I am working from home the logistics are extremely different to what they would normally be, with no office chat, no asking questions out loud to your colleagues and no normal office chatter it was something of the unknown to me however, Neil and the team have been so supportive and went above and beyond making me feel welcome on the first day. The synergy and team working spirit radiates through Gravitate and I am very proud to work for this organisation.

Gravitate will be my first HR role and provides me with an exciting challenge due to the variety the role entails. Even speaking to the team about their clients and what they need from Gravitate it is evident that I will be exposed to much more than if I was working in internal HR. I am really looking forward to finding my feet, liaising with clients, getting to know them and their different HR practices. Already in my first week I have been involved in re-drafting contracts, furlough, preparing leaving letters, appropriate filing, HR software and HR enquiries. I feel like everyday at Gravitate is going to be like a school day, where learning is always at the forefront.

It is evident that everyone at Gravitate really enjoys what they are doing, and I am raring to go and learn as much as possible from such an experienced team. It seems like I have waited a long time for my chance to work in HR and I am ecstatic that my journey starts here and now with an incredible team of experts.