New Year’s Resolutions – Gillian Steele

I love the new year and the idea of a fresh start but this January I needed a bit of a push. The holiday seemed to go forever, and I started to get used to my spot on the couch and not knowing what day it was.

But, the first day back in the office spurred me on towards a resolution. Margery, our MD announced that she was going to enter a race, raising money for the Stroke Association. This is a serious challenge for her as she really does not enjoy running. Margery also said that if any of the team wanted to set ourselves a challenge and raise money for a charity, Gravitate would match it.

So, we got inspired! I’m not sure it counts if you enjoy it, so we all started thinking about what would cause us some pain. I am not a good swimmer so am setting my sights on a small triathlon in June, which will involve an outdoor swim, run and some mountain biking in the hills. I’d like to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Care as they were fantastic with my Nana, before she died.

I’ve been told that it’s good practice to write your goals down, and also, to share them with others for some extra pressure to keep going. I thought we could all benefit from this, so here is what the rest of our Edinburgh office is planning:

Anna is planning to do a sponsored walk on the Thames Bridges’ Trek with family for Diabetes Scotland. Laura is going to do an orienteering challenge for Lyme Disease Action UK and Alzheimers’ Scotland. Greg is scared of heights and has chosen to abseil down the Fourth Road Bridge for the Mental Health Foundation.

If you’d like to share your goals and resolutions for 2020, we’d love to hear about them. We’ll be checking in with our progress on Twitter, encouraging each other, and can do the same for you. Share any challenges you’ve set yourself for 2020, @GravitateHR. #nogettingoutofitnow

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