Protecting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Employers

Why Mindset Matters in Business – Now More Than Ever

HR isn’t just about looking after your team and their needs, it’s also about how you look after you. Never has there been a more important time to look after yourself and to develop a strong mindset in business. With so many unknowns and great uncertainty it is incredibly tough to manage and plan your business. Often we focus on the job in hand, selling, keeping customers happy, productivity, deadlines etc..we often forget to look after our own welfare and mental health.

The voice in our head is the most powerful drug to influence performance – good or bad. Spending time understanding this, and importantly working on it with your team is an essential in the environment we find ourselves in.

In this 30 minute lunchtime webinar, Yvonne Webb of ActionCOACH joins Neil to take us through some concepts around Mindset and Resilience to help stimulate our thinking of how we can achieve the mindset we need now to be successful and how we can also support our teams achieve the same. Developing resilience both in yourself and your team will help overcome many of the challenges that businesses will experience as we continue to adapt during this pandemic.

Yvonne spent 25 years working with some of the top companies in the UK including Cadbury and Coca Cola, before setting up her own ActionCOACH practice.


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