Reflecting on Mental Health in the Workplace Seminars

Gravitate HR held three consecutive seminars last week in Falkirk, Edinburgh and Glasgow on Mental Health in the Workplace. We were joined by Marianne McJannett, an Employment Lawyer at TC Young.

The seminars focused on looking at how we build resilient workplaces that empower staff and promote wellness. The sessions were fully interactive, making use of Vevox and asking our delegates key questions about Mental Health in the Workplace.

Seminar Discussion

Braving the stormy weather, the sessions were a great success and we were able to have worthy discussions with Marianne on how to manage mental health at work.

One of the most interesting points to come out of the discussions is how organisations should adapt their culture to support those with mental health issues. As society breaks down the stigma of mental health conditions, workplaces should do the same. In order to really support those with mental health issues, changing attitudes across the company should be encouraged.

Marianne showed that there is still a way to go in the workplace. It was interesting to look at the way in which people would easily wish someone a speedy recovery if they were off after getting their appendix out, but people often shy away from speaking to someone who returns to work following a period of mental ill health. Even a small step of going up to someone who has returned to work following a period of being off because of anxiety or depression, just to say its nice to see you back, can go a long way in helping that employee. But why are we so often reluctant to do that? At the seminars, we discovered that it is often due to the fear employers have of saying the wrong thing or potentially “making the situation worse”.

Moving Forward

We established a common theme, that its not just about managers changing how they approach mental health in the workplace, but about the organisations changing their overall approach to mental health so that everyone feels comfortable talking about it.

This won’t happen overnight and just like it is taking time for society to change its perception of mental health, it will take time for workplaces to better understand how to support those with mental health issues at work. Gravitate HR can help with this as we can deliver to mental health awareness training to everyone in your organisation.

Do get in touch with your existing Account Managers or call us to discuss how we can support your organisation to manage Mental Health in the Workplace.


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