Where has it all gone? Rapidly screeching towards the end of year 14 for Gravitate HR! I would never have thought that we would still be doing what we are doing in 2020! But we are not doing what we were doing in 2006 – by the end of 2006, there was me and one other employee, working out of a basement office, having a drink in Kay’s Bar on Xmas Eve, celebrating that we had work to come back to in January 2007 and I had to work out how to prepare a set of year end accounts.

Gravitate Today

Now we have efficient and largely self-directed teams working in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have adopted systems and processes digital and other to underpin business processes. We are about to decommission our server and go 100% cloud based. We will collaborate and integrate our systems to map our sales and marketing processes to give us more intelligent and informed information about where and when we secure business. It feels all very grown up and what we should be doing.

What has not changed is the core of our business. Working with clients to help them build stronger, more productive businesses by providing pragmatic solutions to challenges, to helping them to see beyond their horizons and engaging positively with their key asset – their teams. The employment law context may have developed a bit; societies expectations have shifted and the ways in which we communicate have become more diverse but the principles of providing robust employment-based advice and support are ever present and relevant.

Looking Forward

On a personal note I made the commitment to start this business after the death of my father and with a small financial legacy he had made on my behalf. The principles and values that dad taught me about business have been ever present and valid in my Gravitate journey.   A few months ago my mother passed away and I feel the loss of not having my parents’ generation around and near me. They came through the war years, they worked as self – made business people and took a pride in ensuring I was well educated and able to be independent. I could not have made this journey without them and the opportunities that they afforded me in life. They may not still be with me, but they are ever present in my heart and in my decision making.

I am looking forward to 2020. It has a very symmetrical feel and an evenness which I like. No doubt there will be bumps in the road, but just as the dark of winter makes us appreciate summer evenings, the challenges make the achievements all the more worthwhile.


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