Summer 2019 Newsletter

Have a read of our latest Summer 2019 Newsletter. In this edition we cover:

  • Team Updates
  • New Blog Posts
  • Gravitate HR E-Learning
  • Employment Law Round-Up
  • HR Quiz

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Team Updates

We welcomed two of our newest members of the GravitateHR team at the end of May this year. Celine joined the Glasgow office alongside Neil and Cameron whilst Anna joined our Edinburgh team, both taking on the role of HR Assistant. Celine comes with four and a half years’ experience working as an HR Assistant for a HR Consultancy firm in Falkirk, gaining her level 3 CIPD Associate Membership simultaneously. Anna is in the final few months of her MSc Human Resource Management degree, with Gravitate being her first role in HR, having previously done payroll and finance. Both are enjoying working with the rest of the Gravitate team and their clients; supporting the Accounts Managers in delivering a great service and developing a knowledge of the support and advice we deliver.

New Blog Posts

The Glasgow Office recently held a seminar taken by the University of Strathclyde’s Sleep Research Unit. Celine discusses “Why Sleep Matters” in regard to your mental and physical health and your behaviour and performance at work in her most recent blog post. Celine found it to be a thought provoking and insightful seminar which provided an enlightening experience on the importance of sleep, particularly in regards to its effect and impact in the workplace. You can read Celine’s experience and thoughts as well as the recommendations suggested for Employers, by clicking the following link.

Having joined Gravitate at the end of May, Anna and Celine have both documented their first couple of weeks in a series of blogs and you can catch up on these to find out more about their experience with the team and getting to know our clients.


At Gravitate HR, we can provide e-learning packages tailored to the needs of your business. E-Learning is a great way to provide training to staff on key issues such as GDPR, equality and diversity, and disability discrimination. E-Learning is cost-effective and saves a lot of time to allow a message to get to your audience quicker.

We have had a great deal of interest in our most recent E-Learning package on Discrimination. Click on the link above to find out more or email to find information on purchasing this module and to see what other E-Learning we can do for your organisation.

Gillian is also working on an E-Learning module on Mental Health in the workplace which will look at how managers and colleagues can pick up on signs of ill mental health; how they can acknowledge this and what support and strategies they can implement to have an open policy surrounding mental health. More on this to follow soon!

Employment Law Update

There have been no major law updates since our Spring Newsletter which covered the April 2019 changes to statutory rates, increases to the National Minimum Wage rates and alterations to pension contributions. For further information, please click on the link.

Brexit: Extension of Article 50

The extension of Article 50 until the 31st of October 2019 provides sufficient time for Employer’s to prioritise their planning for the changes which will be made to the Immigration System. The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development recommends dedicating time to producing a Work Force Planning Strategy in anticipation of the outcome of Brexit. Information and details on planning for Brexit plus the changes to legislation can be found on both the government and ACAS websites. also provide a tool kit on how to prepare for Brexit by answering seven simple questions on your business or organisation.

Click on the links below for further information on preparing your business/organisation for Brexit:

Government Website

ACAS Website

Health & Wellbeing

The Health & Well-Being at Work survey from April 2019 reports that stress and poor mental well-being are among the leading causes of absence, presenteeism and leaveism in the workplace. Stress-related absence is on the rise in nearly two-fifths of the UK’s workplaces and less than half of people professionals say that their efforts to tackle stress in their organisation are effective.

Employers and managers play a vital role in ensuring that their workforce have good health and well-being. Having a holistic and well-being strategy that is championed by leaders and embedded throughout the organisation is key. HR and L&D teams can even look for low cost ways to start building healthier workplaces such as: leading by example to promote healthy working habits; reviewing their colleagues’ or teams’ workloads, duties and responsibilities; and by reflecting on their own management style.

HR Quiz

1. When has Article 50 been extended to?

A. 30th October

B. 1st November

C. 31st October

2. What approximate % of professionals say that their efforts to tackle stress within their organisation are effective?

A. 35%

B. 50%

C. 60%

3. What new E-Learning module are we creating?


B. Discrimination

C. Mental Health

Answers: 1: C, 2: B, 3: C

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