The End of the Beginning

Margery has put together some reflections following our latest Webinar to help you in thinking of the best strategies you can implement which encourages your team in taking the initiative and developing a sense of team cohesion and purpose.

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How to Successfully Lead your Team in Challenging Times

Never in our lifetime have so many been faced with such difficult decisions and challenges, as a leader of a family, a business, an organisation. The successful outcome of your business and the wellbeing of your team is reliant on your leadership skills which are really being put to the test at this time. Read more

The Seven Leadership Theories

It is common for a lot of emphasis to be placed on Leadership – not just in a work and organisational context, but also in politics and sport for example.  Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alex Ferguson are a couple of notable examples of ‘Leading’ in their respective realms. However, the definition and description of Leadership can be quite complex – so what form(s) do you think Leadership comes in?

With a brief reference to academic literature, this blog looks at the seven “Leadership Theories”.

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