The Risks & Challenges of Opening Your Workplace and Your Team Returning to Work

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With the current Government rules and guidelines there are new health and safety requirements that businesses must have in place before returning to work. For many businesses the challenge of maintaining the 2 meter social distancing rule will be a significant challenge. Also the cleanliness of your workplace may have to be increased and hand sanitisation stations set up. If you have changed the physical space, your fire risk assessment may need to be reviewed. 

In addition to the health and safety challenges there will be many HR challenges. How will your furloughed team feel about coming back to work and possibly the workplace after 3-4 months, or longer, on furlough? How will you motivate them? How will you manage team members who have childcare issues with no holiday clubs being run or their children going back to school on significantly reduced hours? How will you manage the ‘them and us’ scenario between those who have worked through lock down and those who have been furloughed. 

Join Neil and Bryan Mclelland, Director of BSM Training & Consultancy, on Tuesday 30th June, 12.30pm – 1pm to discuss the risks and challenges of opening your office and managing your team. They will be offering solutions and guidance.

To be aware is to be prepared!

If you would like to send your questions, thoughts or experiences in advance of the webinar please email them to celine@gravitatehr.co.uk. 

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