Team member

Neil Ferguson
Head of Client Services - Glasgow

Neil’s first steps in HR came in an in-house role with a major engineering firm in the west of Scotland. When he moved through to Edinburgh in 2011, he managed to combine academic and professional progress – by starting a job at Gravitate and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management at around the same time.

After 4.5 years in the Edinburgh office, Neil moved to Glasgow in May 2016 to set up Gravitate HR's office in the West of Scotland. This has provided a closer presence to our existing clients in the region as well as allowing Neil the opportunity to focus on expanding the client base in Glasgow.

Beyond HR, Neil’s passion lies on the football pitch. While Scotland may never win the world cup, it’s not going to stop him watching every match (presumably with his fingers firmly crossed).

The years I’ve spent with Gravitate have been hugely important for my career. I’ve grown – and not just in terms of qualifications, seniority or even understanding, but also in terms of culture and approach. I don’t think any other HR consultancy goes to the same effort to build positive, successful relationships – and that’s something that will stick with me for many years to come.