Upcoming Webinar: Good News Stories

Important Management Lessons We Can Learn from Lockdown 


Date: Tuesday 21st July

Time: 12.30-1pm

There are many lessons we can learn from our period of lockdown as we ease out of it. Lest not we forget, we are going to take some time to share lessons and good news stories from lockdown. Stories which restore our faith in humanity and fellow human beings. Examples and strategies of how we can adapt and develop our new way of working and living. Positive stories which are worthy of sharing and recognising the value that people bring to the world of work.  By sharing these stories we hope to inspire you and act as a source of ideas and learning that you can then apply to your situation, circumstances and team.  

Margery will be speaking to Mark Hoolahan, CEO of The Thistle Foundation and Laura Taylor, Managing Director of Empowered by Cloud which is a cloud based accountancy firm to discuss the stories, strategies and lessons they have learnt during what has been a difficult time for many. 

We would love you to join us and to share your learnings either beforehand or on the day so that we can take away a positive nugget and plant a seed of hope or inspiration.

Only positivity and warm vibes allowed!!!

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