Webinar Summary: Good News Stories

Important Management Lessons We Can Learn From Lockdown 

Following our Webinar yesterday Lunchtime, Margery has put together some thoughts and summarised the conversation…

Kindness, humanity and resilience were demonstrated in bags full during the webinar as we shared good news stories that have emerged through the lockdown period.  Individuals and communities coming together to come up with simple but creative ways to support each other. It was clear from the webinar that people, businesses and communities found practical and achievable strategies that would protect us and others from the virus and the threat of a horrible disease.  We also heard about people going above and beyond the normal expectations to respond with humanity and integrity.  These were the examples of dedication and hard work from the teams at Thistle, of which Mark Hoolahan was incredibly proud and honoured to have witnessed and lead on.

What I did not expect was how this was matched by the same courage, imagination and tenacity that Laura Taylor shared through her experience in supporting business owners. Laura, MD or  Empowered by Cloud which is a cloud based accountancy firm, has been working to gather, manage and predict finance and accounting information for businesses.  There were good news stories as those faced with a steep learning curve and the need for rapid change in business practices, responded with energy and resilience to keep going, head in a different and new direction and keep their business (and those within it) safe.

In a world that is faced with gloomy stories, uncertainty of what to believe (or not) and a media obsessed with negativity, it was refreshing to spend 30 minutes looking at the positives.  Our poll told us that our participants believe that we should do more of that and that there is no good reason why we don’t, when we can choose to do share good news, believe in humanity and get closer to our communities.

Stay safe, stay strong, keep believing as we are resilient and creative – that way we will find a solution and a sustainable way of living and working together.  We don’t know all the answers but if we keep asking the questions, pushing the boundaries, there will be a way forward.

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