Recruitment is Definitely Not Dead

Kirsty MacKenzie from iMultiply confirmed that there are roles out there, it is just the volume that has decreased.  She also commented on the changing nature of the recruitment market and gives some very practical advice to employers looking to recruit and for potential candidates looking for a new role.

Some key points to note:

  • Employer brand is key to make your role and your organisation stand out
  • Be ahead of Covid 19 questions, take the initiative and set out how you have responded to the pandemic, how it has impacted your business, what business contingency plans you have in place and what challenges lie ahead
  • Consider what employees may be looking for from an employer which could be in relation to terms and conditions or more around the culture and way of working and how that will impact them in a new role
  • Think through the interviewing process, perhaps start with a short telephone call; followed by an online meeting giving consideration to how many people there are on the call and the tone of that call and make allowances for technology gaffs
  • Consider whether there are different ways in which to contract with a new employee that may be more suited to the current circumstances
  • Remember you may not get it right first time, in terms of leadership or indeed managing a recruitment process but if you take advice, listen to the experience of others and be open minded to different approaches you may minimise risk

For candidates:

  • Go for quality rather than quantity when applying for roles – less is more rather than just any role that you might be in scope for
  • Build up relationships with consultants within relevant recruitment businesses
  • Use your professional and personal network to look for possible roles
  • Tailor your CV on achievements rather than duties
  • If you have been “at home” for a while talk about what you have achieved during that time, volunteering, helping in the community or any learning that you have completed

The recruitment market is alive and well, there is a reduction in volume but there are roles out there, especially in specific sectors for example health and social care; fintech; tech start up.  As an employer you may need to think differently about how to approach the market and it maybe advisable to get some expert advice to help you navigate the recruitment and selection journey; you may need to change the way in which you contract with your new hire and paying attention to your employer brand will pay you dividends.

If either iMultiply or Gravitate can assist you with you recruitment needs please do reach out to Kirsty at or  Look forward to hearing from you.