Why Hire an HR Company

Why Hire an HR Company

The fact is that as an employer you have the option of doing your HR yourself. However, in my experience there are two main drivers for the companies and organisations we work with: 

  1. A real desire and belief in doing the right thing for their team as they recognise that the people in the business are an integral part of the success of the business. This is particularly true of service companies whose success is based on the talent, effectiveness and skills of their team. 
  2. When issues do arise the employer realises that HR can be a bit of a minefield and it is safer and more effective to get professional, up to date advice from a specialist who is a trusted source of advice, information and support.

What are the challenges and pain points that means employers work with us?

Growth. When businesses are going through a period of growth there are many HR challenges from recruitment to managing a change in dynamics in the business. Here are just a few of the challenges employers face and need to manage when growing:

  • Managing the alignment of structure and roles within the business
  • Sustaining service delivery at quality levels
  • Managing employee relations
  • Communication and consultation around terms and conditions
  • Promoting productivity and delivery of services
  • Coping with changes in the external environment
  • Compliance to employment law

In addition to that there are also the times when difficulties with an employee arise. It is critically important that when this does happen that the  situation is dealt with swiftly and appropriately. It is also very important that you are fully up to date on employment law and HR matters which as an employer is unlikely and very challenging. You have to know and understand your rights as well as theirs and know how to protect yourself and the business. 

Can’t I just look up the information on the internet?

While you can go to the internet for advice, information and guidance you will not know if that is the most up to date information or how reliable the source is. There is also a great danger that you can misinterpret it as well. While there are aspects of employment law and HR that are black and white there are many more that are real grey areas that require experience and knowledge to navigate through them.

What are the benefits of bringing in the HR professionals?

  • First and foremost it allows you to concentrate on your job and what you do best. HR issues and work can be incredibly time consuming and stressful. 
  • We will save you time and money.
  • We are a trusted source of up to date and accurate information which changes on a regular basis. 
  • We can help you identify the pitfalls and street you on a path that is right for your business and protect you. 
  • We are impartial and often see challenges or opportunities you are unlikely to just because you are so close to the business and/ or challenge itself. 
  • We always give you the option of providing you with the information and support you need or we can deliver it on your behalf. The option is always yours. Our priority is to find the best solution that works for you.
  • There are consequences of poor process or decision making, not just through the employment tribunal system.  It can adversely affect your professional reputation, your engagement with your team and can be costly.  Having the opportunity to make informed decisions could be more cost effective in the longer term.

Being an employer can be a tough and lonely position. We often act as a supportive ear and the voice of reason so that you can be sure you are taking the right decisions for your business. 

How can you support my business and growth?

By ensuring that you have the right policies, procedures and contractual terms in place. We can help you recruit and onboard new employees. We can manage their probation period and ongoing reviews of their contribution to the business. We can support relations and communications between you and your team. We can create family friendly policies, carry out training and development in order to support your business growth.

Alternatively we also can support you if you are downsizing or reconfiguring your business. In these circumstances we can support you in creating the right strategy and approach to redundancy for your business. We can give you all the information and support you need to carry out your redundancy process or deliver it for you. 

Redundancy is a real challenge fraught with potential pitfalls and a lot of emotion. Therefore having professional HR support can be critical to that process being carried out correctly and ensuring the positive future of your business. 

If you would like to discuss an HR matter or would like to find out more about how you can develop and train your team, please do get in touch.

Tell me about your business and the HR challenges you are currently facing and I’ll be in touch with some advice.

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