Working on a Level Playing Field

Level the playing field to create equality, diversity, and inclusion within the workplace.

Are your rules clear, fair and consistent?

Does everyone have the same opportunities and experiences?

Do all your “players” play by the rules?

Or is your playing field a bit more like the featured image above?

Training Course


This 45 – 60 minute online training course will

  • State the rules of the game very clearly
  • Straighten out the boundaries by defining the legal position
  • Give practical examples of how the law can be broken – and the potential consequences
  • Demonstrate how to give every player equality
  • Report back to you on the performance of every player
  • Is applicable to everybody, director, employee, committee member or contractor working in your organisation


  • Completed at a time and place to suit student
  • Testing and reporting features built in to programme
  • Based on legal and HR perspectives – hard knowledge and softer workplace applications
  • Use of video, text and interactive features

Price structure

One off cost that is payable on receipt of links which includes administration and report support for 3 calendar months after receiving link.  Additional support after 3 months can be discussed.

Number of Employees £ + VAT
0-10 750
10 – 50 1250
50-100 1750
100+ 2500
200+ 3000


This package is developed and created in a partnership with TC Young solicitors and Gravitate HR which gives both the legal and HR perspective, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and the potential impact on people at work, and a common desire to create proactive and preventative measures to address challenges in the workplace.

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