On 13th July 2021, Neil and Laura welcomed Helen Denny who runs Not9to5 to discuss hybrid working in our recent webinar. The session was an opportunity to share some insights and suggestions for business owners to consider as many plan to adopt the hybrid working model into their business.

Helen explained that hybrid working was not in itself a new concept and was more of a term being coined as a result of the pandemic accelerating a trend of more flexible attitudes and expectations towards work which existed prior to Covid-19. The focus for many organisations at present however was around a blend of working from employer premises and somewhere more of the employee’s choosing i.e. home or a shared workspace.

During the session, a discussion was had around the practical considerations which organisations should make when putting together their hybrid working framework. Keeping things simple was advocated, considering the business, the individual and the team. Helen suggested organisations may wish to consider the purpose of the office in terms of redefining what it may be used for as well as potentially redesigning the physical space to promote collaboration and connection. A key message here was that ‘people need people’ and so to ensure employee wellbeing sits at the forefront of decision making.

It was highlighted that Managers will need support and training for how to manage a hybrid team which lead to a discussion on how organisations might prevent a two-tiered workforce emerging from hybrid working and some being more present and in contact than others. Helen noted that there were two sides to this; remote working can see a more level playing field being created from a diversity and inclusion perspective with those not previously able to regularly access the office feeling more involved where everyone is online. Conversely, there is a need for organisations to apply consistency to aspects such as team meetings i.e. all in person or all remote, to avoid a split developing between those working more regularly in one way than the other.

In general, Helen viewed hybrid working as here to stay and that to attract and retain talent, organisations will have to ensure they are offering hybrid working where possible, or risk losing out on the best candidates who are likely to expect it. The top tip and starting point when considering hybrid working offered by Helen, was to ensure organisations involve their staff in the conversation and be consultative about what hybrid working looks like for them.

The recording of the session can be found here.

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