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Under the current circumstances we are doing all we can to support our clients and community. In this unprecedented time there are many challenges facing both employers and employees.

We offer three forms of support:

  1. HR Consultancy for larger, longer and more complex HR projects
  2. HR Support where we act as your HR manager managing all aspects of your HR
  3. Project Support where we can help you with a specific project or issue

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We are also always happy to have a conversation to see how we can help support you at this challenging time.


What we provide

HR Consultancy
The expertise to tackle every issue
HR Support
A team you can rely on through every step
HR Projects
Experience and insight for key cases
HR Helpdesk
Knowledge when you need it
Pandemic Services

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We are currently running a Q&A webinar every fortnight in conjunction with TC Young solicitors at 12.30 pm on a Thursday. From furlough to how to manage your team working remotely we’re here to answer your questions.

Every second Tuesday of the month we hold a webinar tackling a specific issue or challenge. How to support your team working remotely, leadership in challenging times to what will the next chapter of furlough look like.

In addition to our webinars we will share the latest employment updates, guides, blogs and advice to keep you fully informed.


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About Us

The roots of Gravitate HR are in Edinburgh, where the business has been providing outsourced Human Resource solutions since 2006. Margery McBain began by offering robust HR advice and support to business which did not have an inhouse HR capability, with a quality service level that had been developed over her years of experience in the retail sector. From this solid foundation, the business has grown and flourished with a reputation to understand and meet client’s needs, build solutions and strategies that fit their culture and are based on proven knowledge and experience.

The business is clear about what it does and how it delivers a quality service. It is about being expert HR Consultants who want to be proud about the professional service and reputation of the business. That doesn’t always mean taking the easy route, and the business loves a challenge. So if you have an HR issue, come and talk to the Gravitate HR team.


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For more information about support for your business's human resources, call us on 0131 225 7458 (Edinburgh), 0141 459 7458 (Glasgow) or email info@gravitatehr.co.uk.