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HR Partner Services

Need a reliable HR partner to work with?
Require additional services that you don’t offer but your client requires?

We work with several partners who refer business to us including employment lawyers, accountants, business advisors and insolvency practitioners. We work with you to supply additional services that meet your clients’ needs and requirements. From disciplinary to grievance investigations, organisational review to redundancy programmes, we can help.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • A joined-up approach and services that meet your client’s needs.
  • The experience and expertise your client require to achieve a successful outcome.
  • HR advice and guidance that enables you to deliver your job successfully.
  • How to minimise your risk while offering a complete solution.
  • A strategy to offering a competitive, value for money service with a reliable team.

How we can help.

Employment lawyers

We do a lot of work with employment lawyers carrying out disciplinary or grievance
investigations. Our most popular services are:

Carrying out the meetings

  •   Keeping notes of meetings
  •   Reports to inform decision makers
  •       Review of documentation
  •       Compiling trends of an investigation so that it makes sense to the decision makers

Accountants & Insolvency practitioners

We work with accountants to find practical solutions and processes for the business to address problems and challenges with employees.
Working with Insolvency practitioners we can suggest and recommend cost saving strategies, carry out TUPE processes or manage redundancy programmes.

Business consultants

Working with you we offer a joined-up approach to your project. For example, working with Job Evaluation consultants we can focus on the organisational structure, the communication and consultation process leaving you to build or review the job evaluation.
We will also work with coaching and personal development consultants to inform their strategy adopted at an organisational, team and individual level. We also work with psychotherapists to advise them on return-to-work strategies, sick absence management and identify reasonable adjustments.

Where we add value.

The key to successful partnership is that we work collaboratively and offer a flexible range of services. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that your client has all the services and support they require in order to meet their goals successfully. In our experience we are often more competitive in the marketplace when we present a collaborative approach, bringing in recommended partners each of whom have their strengths and expertise.

Whether you commission us to work on a project with you, introduce us to your client or we make a joint pitch for a tender, we will work with you to create the best value proposition for your client and project.

Tell us how we can help you?

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It only takes 15 minutes but is structured in such a way that by the end of that call, we will be able to advise you regarding your situation and how we can help. It also gives you a chance to understand what your options are.

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