Is someone in the team repeatedly absent?
Do they seem reluctant to come to work?
Is it having a knock on effect with the rest of the team and the business as a whole?

Poor productivity and days off sick are costing us a staggering amount of money. According to the survey, sickness-related absences and presenteeism are costing the UK economy £77.5 billion a year. Figures taken from the 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey has found that employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year due to sickness, or illness-related underperformance.While it might be a free day off from work for the employee, absences carry hidden costs that can affect a company’s productivity and revenue.

At Gravitate HR we have over 30 years worth of experience including dealing with absenteeism. Whether it’s a business issue or relates to particular individuals, we can advise, support and work with you to deal with the situation. We can also work with you to develop and implement attendance policies and absence management procedures to ensure that everyone in the business is aware of the policy and can access it.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • How to develop attendance policies and absence management procedures.
  • Get buy in from staff and employee groups.
  • Can you help me get managers to manage absence?
  • How can I reduce short term absence?
  • Can I bring a long term absence to a conclusion?
  • Reduce the cost of absenteeism to my business.
  • Protect the business from a disability or stress at work claim.
  • Promote a health and well-being culture.

How we can help.

  • Develop appropriate policies and procedures.
  • Consult and communicate to make policies live and workable.
  • Train managers to manage sick absence.
  • Provide expert advice on difficult or sensitive cases.
  • Analyse sickness absence statistics and metrics.
  • Provide documentation to support sickness absence procedures.
  • Advise on support measures and/or escalation to disciplinary action.

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