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Performance Management

There are two aspects to performance management. The first is establishing goals and objectives, you and your employee wish for them to meet and then reviewing their progress on achieving those targets on a regular basis. The second aspect of performance management is how you fairly and effectively manage an employee who is underperforming.

In the first instance it is vital that you have planned and agreed with your employee what their targets are. You then need to give them regular feedback on their performance during the whole year, and at the same time provide them with direction and support.

At Gravitate HR we can create and develop a performance framework for your employees that you can implement or we can carry out the performance reviews on your behalf.

Where an employee is underperforming this can be a very sensitive matter. It has to be managed and dealt with fairly, so understanding the legislation and your responsibilities as an employer is vital. There are a number of steps and strategies that you can take to work with them to improve their performance and, if that fails, it’s critical you are confident that you have followed all the processes and steps you are required by law to take.

We can work with you to create a performance agreement with the employee in question, manage their feedback with the goal of them achieving the required and agreed performance standard. If they still fail to perform we can advise you on the options available to you and support you in executing them.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • How to start the conversation with the employee in question in a sensitive and positive way.
  • How to uncover the underlying issues.
  • How to re-engage them.
  • How to identify what support and/or training they require.
  • The best way to agree or adjust agreed targets.
  • Managing feedback.
  • What responsibilities you have as an employer.
  • What routes and options you have should they still fail to perform.

How can we help.

  • Develop performance management frameworks and processes.
  • Construct competence frameworks bespoke for your business.
  • Develop documentation to support performance management.
  • Train managers to have constructive conversations.
  • Facilitate performance management discussions between parties.
  • Encourage an evidence based approach to performance management.

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