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Disciplinary and grievance cases

Has a member of your team raised a grievance?
Unhappy with their pay, working conditions or workload?
Is someone under performing? Behaving badly at work?
Someone regularly off sick?

A grievance case occurs when an employee believes there is a problem and is complaining about the workplace, someone in the workplace or the work itself. The most common grievances include pay and benefits, a belief that they are being bullied or treated unfairly, unhappiness with their working conditions or workload. Commonly there are relationship issues at the heart of a grievance.

A disciplinary, on the other hand, occurs when the organisation seeks to address an employee’s behaviour or performance. Amongst the most common reasons are their behaviour at work, under performing, or absence from work.

The one thing the two have in common is that they can be a minefield for you as an employer. They can catch out even the most well-meaning of managers. However, it is critical whether you are dealing with a formal complaint or someone’s made an informal approach that you take action.

At Gravitate we ensure you understand your obligations and the inherent risks that the case presents and ensure you act fairly and effectively within parameters of employment law. We also offer impartial advice, support and years of experience.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • What your responsibilities are as an employer.
  • Understanding the employment laws around each case.
  • How to correctly and, within the law, carry out a disciplinary process.
  • How to correctly manage and deal with a grievance.
  • The different steps, administration and documentation of the process.
  • How to achieve a resolution based on an objective understanding of the situation.
  • How to counsel and manage the employees concerned.

How we can help.

  • Scope out an approach to managing the case.
  • Identify the key players – whether as case handlers or witnesses.
  • Prepare scripts for interviews.
  • Carry out investigations and prepare investigation reports.
  • Report back to panels and committees.
  • Support the decision-maker during the hearing.
  • Provide a platform for decision-making, including identifying possible risks and outcomes.
  • Advise on Appeal processes.
  • Underpin all of the above with robust documentation.

Where we add value.

We will develop a process with you to identify and define the roles you need to fill and how to effectively market those positions. We will help you to reach out to an appropriate and broad audience and help you choose the best candidate with the right skills and experience, as well as being a great fit for your team. Then we will help you to bring them onboard. We will save you untold amounts of time, prevent any unnecessary costs and damaging mistakes.

The result is that you can have complete confidence in every appointment you make. When it’s time to put pen to paper, we’ll make sure you have the right offer and contract ready to go.

We also offer you the benefit of years of experience in recruiting candidates, including in senior positions.

How can we help

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