Has someone raised a complaint or grievance?
Are there issues around absenteeism?
Are you managing a dispute in your business?

Mediation is a powerful way to prevent misunderstandings and issues escalating into costly disputes. Very often these situations arise due to miscommunication and confusion. They are made worse when they are ignored, bottled up or one party feels they have been misunderstood. Workplace disputes can be very costly and damaging to a business. Therefore you should take every step possible to prevent them or deal with them effectively when they do arise.

At Gravitate HR we have over 30 years of experience in workplace mediation. In our experience, staff only resort to formal complaints and tribunals because they feel that there is no other option or route available to them. With meditation, we provide a space for people to speak openly and honestly and air their issues and concerns in a constructive manner.

We work with you and with the individuals or team concerned to have an open, constructive conversation that offers a resolution. This can prevent problems from escalating, reduce the cost of conflict for all concerned and prevent the negative impact on the business.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • What are the real underlying issues for all parties involved?
  • How to manage those often personal conversations when people often feel upset and angry.
  • How to ensure all parties involved feel that they have been listened to.
  • Identify solutions and resolutions agreeable to all involved.

How we can help.

  • Establish whether mediation is the best way forward.
  • Seek agreement from the parties.
  • Carry out individual meetings.
  • Establish an agenda.
  • Carry out joint meetings, if agreed.

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