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Training Workshops

HR Workshops for leaders, managers and teams.
Upskill your team and create a progressive business culture.

We offer a range of HR workshops designed to tackle some of the most sensitive and tough challenges businesses face today. Our workshops will help you take a proactive approach and create a progressive business culture that attracts new talent as well as engages and retains your team. You can choose from a 1-hour taster session to a half day depending on what you would like to achieve. The workshops are built around some fundamental principles, the workshops can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Harassment and bullying remain significant workplace issues despite increasing awareness of the problem. Typical harassment and bullying behaviours range from unwelcome remarks and persistent unwarranted criticism to unwanted physical contact and shouting. Those that experience these inappropriate behaviours are more likely to experience anxiety, stress and a loss of confidence.

On the course, we discuss what bullying and harassment is and what steps can be taken to establish the boundaries, behaviours and work environment that will minimise unacceptable behaviour. We will also explore the legal framework, and organisational and personal responsibilities and provide a platform from which conversations can develop and address bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

A truly inclusive workplace goes beyond protected characteristics. This session will explore the various unprotected characteristics and how these can define and influence the culture and employee engagement. You will recognise how to measure where you are on your inclusivity journey and identify different strategies to move you along your journey

Mental Health Awareness

This session is suitable for all employees to open up the discussion about our mental wellbeing. We will also discuss practical steps we can take to improve our (and those around us) mental health and start to address the various stigmas attached to mental ill health which can get in the way and be unhelpful in the workplace. We can also introduce information about mental health conditions which can remain hidden and have a negative impact on mental wellbeing, for example menopause, dyslexia, colour blindness.

Mental Health Awareness for Leaders and Managers

This workshop will address the specific roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers in creating an environment which promotes mental wellbeing, supports meaningful conversations and contributes to your ESG and or CSR policy.

Bespoke workshops

We can design and tailor a workshop to your business and team on a topic of your choice. By having a workshop you can demonstrate that you are taking proactive steps to address specific issues and create progressive business culture.

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Workshops start from £110 per person, based on 10 participants. We can cater for smaller and larger group workshops, for further information call us on 0141 459 7458 or email

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