Mediation Services

Gravitate HR can offer Mediation as an alternative to following statutory processes

Mediation can, and increasingly is, used to settle disputes, define problems or disputes, manage conflict, prevent conflict and negiotate contracts. It can be applied to many situations and from our perspective can be successfully used in the workplace as an alternative to using statutory Disciplinary or Grievance procedures, which can result in protracted hearings and ultimately involve legal action played out in an Employment Tribunal.

What are the advantages of Mediation?

  • Non adversarial
  • Voluntary
  • Entirely Confidential
  • Agreed Outcomes
  • Participative
  • Faciliatated rather than imposed

When to use Mediation?

  • In deadlock situations
  • If a non legal remedy is required
  • If the costs of a legal remedy are disportionate
  • If a quick solution is necessary
  • The facts are not clear or may be compromised
  • Number of parties involved
  • Public reputation is at stake
  • Continuing the relationship is important

Is mediation for you?

This will depend on the set of circumstances, facts, desired outcomes and individuals involved. Our role is to advise and support you on the most appropriate approaches to manage the issues that arise from the employment relationship. So to answer “is mediation for you?” we would wish to gain a full understanding of the background to advise accordingly.

Please contact us to discuss mediation as an option for your business by contacting Margery on 0131 243 1374 or email