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Breathe HR

Gravitate HR have partnered up with Breathe HR. Breathe HR is an easy to use HR software platform designed for small-to-medium enterprises which can help to simplify organisational processes.

Breathe HR represents a SAAS (Software Applications As Support) and helps Gravitate HR to enhance the great service that we already provide to our clients. This includes the recording and monitoring of Absence, Flexible Working, Holidays, Performance, Policies, Reporting, and Recruitment.

This platform is a safe and secure place to store staff files and, working together, we can help your organisation make full use of a new Breathe HR platform and tailor it to your own specific requirements.

Check out the video below to receive an interactive insight into how Breathe HR works. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Gravitate HR team to further discuss how a tailored HR software platform could benefit your organisation.

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