Online Equality, Diversity And Inclusion Training Course.

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  • Professional training on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Discover why diversity is critical to business success

  • Affordable training for all your team

  • Demonstrate you have taken proactive action on the issue

  • Can be used as evidence should a situation arise

Online training
Buy my training course!
Buy my training course!

With the growing emphasis on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) following the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movement, our first step to achieving equality in the workplace is by educating yourself and your team.

Our interactive, informative online training allows you and your team to gain training and a certificate demonstrating that you have been trained in equality and diversity.

As an employer you have a duty of care to your team to prevent any bullying or harassment in the workplace and this is a great first step to achieving that. Send a really positive message to your team that they have a level playing field where they can excel and reach their potential.

What the course covers

  • Training on the equality act
  • Protected characteristics

  • Direct and indirect descrimination

  • Harassment

  • And much more!

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At the end of the course you will…

  • Be trained and knowledgeable on EDI in the workplace
  • Feel confident that you know the law and rules around EDI

  • Knowledge of the risks and consequences if the law is broken

  • Protect yourself if a situation should arise

  • Straighten out the boundaries by defining the legal position

  • Confident that you are demonstrating equality and fairness

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This e-learning course was designed and created by Gravitate HR and TC Young. Gravitate HR offer HR consultancy and support to a range of businesses throughout the UK. TC Young provide commercial and personal legal services including employment law.