From time to time, the Gravitate HR team get together to have a reflective session on a relevant subject. Our most recent session centered around our company values:

We wanted to share with our contacts and network a little bit about the session and our takeaways as well as set up a series of blogs coming soon where we focus on each value.

Why is it important?

Our session began with each colleague taking some time to discuss what organisational values meant to them and in particular why an organisation like Gravitate HR should have a set of values.

This demonstrated some real synergies among the team who expressed that they felt having a set of values reminds everyone that a business is about more than just making profit. Having a set of values and discussing what these mean to us all ensures that everyone maintains an awareness of what is expected of them, how they should approach work both internally and with clients and how they can expect to be treated as a member of the Gravitate team.

Previous Experiences

It was also interesting to hear colleague’s experiences of other organisations where they had worked and the approach to values therein. This ranged from companies which had values, perhaps on a poster or in a handbook, but never actually discussed them; through to organisations that did not have a set of values at all. The entire team agreed that out with Gravitate, they had never had a session specifically to discuss organisational values.

At Gravitate HR, as an independent organisation involved in the provision of advice and guidance to other SMEs, we believe it is important to ensure we are always operating with our values in mind. They underpin our recruitment and selection considerations, our company culture and how we work together and communicate with our clients.

We’re excited to shortly commence a series of blogs taking each value individually and delving a bit more into what it means to us, to share more about us as a team and wider organisation.

If you are seeking to address your company culture or are interested in carrying out a team session on company values, whether you already have some documented or not, we’d be delighted to discuss how we can help. 

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