Sexual harassment in the workplace

Action Aid reported that three quarters of women in UK cities said that they have experienced violence or harassment. Unions and women’s organisations have stated that they are in no doubt that sexual harassment remains as widespread a problem as ever, and TUC research revealed the persistent and widespread scale of workplace sexual harassment.

Over 1 in 2 women and nearly 7 out of 10 LGBT workers reported being sexually harassed at work. Half of those women who had experienced sexual harassment said that they had been subjected to unwelcome sexual jokes in the workplace. While we may have come some way in the past 50 years, there is still a great deal more that needs to be done.

What impact has the #MeToo movement had on the workplace and what were the consequences with regards to the Equality Act 2010? Do you know what qualifies as sexual harassment? What your responsibilities as an employer are and how you would address it?

In this webinar we will answer all of these questions and look at the rights under the Equalities Act in relation to sexual harassment and harassment on the grounds of sex. We will also be discussing the impact the #MeToo movement has had as well as some of the fascinating cases in this area.


With guidance changing so frequently, we are doing our best to keep you up to date. The information provided in the recording above is our understanding at this point in time (24th November 2020), however, as more and different advice becomes available this position may change, and we will update accordingly. This is an evolving and unfolding situation, and we take the view that various measures may need to be applied for different sets of circumstances at an appropriate time. We as a team are available to discuss with you what measures are available to you.

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