Cameron Thomson of FootDown Scotland joined us for our most recent webinar on 1st September 2020. Cameron works across all industries and sectors as a professional coach and culture building specialist.

The session looked specifically at considerations for managing teams remotely, which we felt was a useful topic as we await further guidance from the Scottish government about possible return to non-essential office working from 14th Sept.

Even if the green light is given in the coming weeks, the overwhelming sense is that continued remote working will remain and may even replace the office altogether for many organisation.

Cameron gave an informative and practical presentation on some key areas he has been supporting clients in whilst they plan ahead for longer term remote working. Cameron encouraged attendees to think about how they could manage their employee’s energy and ensure they were not burning out; to deliberately build chemistry among the team to make up for the natural social interactions which are no longer happening due to remote working and gave practical guidance on how to ensure staff are prioritizing the important work over the work that they enjoy.

If you would like to discuss how Cameron might support you or your business, or to obtain a copy of the slides, please email or call 07795598464.

A recording of the session can be found here.