Meet the team – Laura Wiegratz, Director of Client Services

 In this blog, we chat with Laura Wiegratz, one of Gravitate HR’s longest-serving members. Learn about her journey before joining the team, her crucial role in enhancing the client experience, and her insights into the current HR landscape.

“Tell us about yourself, how did you get into HR and what brought you to Gravitate?”

I initially studied Social Sciences at university due to my interest in people and how we interact with one another. Post-graduation, while working in hospitality, recruitment, and training, I found real enjoyment in seeing people progress and develop. So, I decided to go back to university to study for an MSc in Human Resource Management. After working for in-house HR departments in London, I moved back to Edinburgh to do something different, and that’s when I found Gravitate HR. Eight years later, I can now say that was the best professional decision I’ve ever made. The opportunities I have had in outsourced HR and the experience I have gained have been second to none.

“What is your role?”

I lead and support the team to ensure high-quality, timely work. I also collaborate with clients across various industries on both retained and project bases, managing all aspects of the employee lifecycle at strategic and operational levels.

“What projects are you and your team working on at the moment?”

The team is currently tackling a variety of projects, with three main trends dominating client concerns: creating truly inclusive workplaces, mental health and wellbeing, and recruitment/retention. These themes are interlinked and interdependent.

“What is the best thing about your job?”

Seeing the team thrive and develop. For me, this is the most important and rewarding aspect of my job. In terms of client delivery, the relationships that I build come a very close second. Strong relationships and a solid understanding of our clients’ businesses are key to delivering quality, tailored support and advice.

“With outsourced HR support, what are the main opportunities for businesses right now?”

The past few years have brought significant, lasting changes to the way we work, such as hybrid working and talent acquisition and retention. It’s a good time to evaluate your business operations, identify what’s working or not, talk to employees, and find opportunities for improvement to future-proof your business.

We have recently been supporting some of our clients with an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) audit to identify ways in which organisations can become more sustainable, inclusive, and engaging, ultimately creating the right environment where everyone can thrive. The audit extends further than the standard HR compliance audit. Although governance and compliance are key parts of this, it is much more holistic and touches on areas such as wellbeing, engagement, L&D, diversity & inclusion, and the lived experience at work. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and it is encouraging to see leaders taking on a more proactive approach to their HR.

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“What do you do outside of work?”

I like to keep active and spend a lot of time outdoors, up a hill if I can, either walking or running with my dogs. I am a fair-weather golfer and when the sun is out, you will find me finishing off my day on the golf course! I also love to cook (and eat) and enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

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