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We’re ready to be your HR department: a team that shares your goals and supports your business, whether on site, online or on the end of the phone.

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Why Hire An HR Company

Whether we take on the full responsibility for the complete function or work within well-defined aspects of HR, we have the understanding and ability to support your business strategies, handle problems as they arise and manage everyday HR activities.

We can help your people through the whole cycle of employment, from the day they start to the day they leave. We can identify and recruit the right candidates, manage their development and performance, deal with the cases of absence or indiscipline and even handle the difficult process of redundancy or termination.

Right now, we act as an outsourced HR department for a range of employers across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Of course, no two organisations are the same, so our ongoing support doesn’t follow a set pattern. Our services are defined and measured only against your needs.

Whatever your needs, we’ll be there through thick and thin – every step of the way.

A clear HR strategy is simply vital if you’re going to achieve your business objectives – so we can work with you to develop and deliver a strategy that’s right for you.

First, we’ll ensure that every role has clearly defined responsibilities. We’ll help you engage with your people, with an effective staff communication plan. And when there are changes to be made, we’ll help you evaluate and restructure your business.
There are no ifs and buts – you must provide every employee with written terms and conditions. We’ll help develop a robust set of contractual templates – covering the different types of employee in your business (from temporary to director-level). We can also make sure your policies are put in writing, with an employee handbook that lays out everything your people need to know. And when the law changes, we’ll be there to make sure every contract and every policy reflects it.
The quality of your recruitment process and the performance of your business go hand in hand. After all, the people you bring in represent the future of your team. We’ll develop a clear process that allows you to keep control of cost and quality – and we’ll be there at every step, from identifying the need and advertising the role to selecting the individual and making a comprehensive offer. We can even help check the right to work in the UK and manage visa applications.

Of course, accepting a new job offer is not the end of the process. We’ll be there throughout the process ensuring you don’t just recruit the right people, but also retain your best staff.
Making a new member of team feel welcome isn’t just about showing them where the kettle is. We can develop the kind of induction programme that helps new hires understand your business and their part in it – from working practices and contractual obligations to company goals and culture.
When you support professional progression, everyone wins. It drives the evolution of your organisation, it promotes staff satisfaction & retention and it unleashes your people’s very best possible performance. We’ll support it all, providing coaching sessions, offering one-to-one mentoring and arranging specialist training programmes.
Everyone misses work sometimes. But poor attendance can have a drastic impact on any business, so it’s vital to manage the issue before it escalates. We’ll help you manage employee sickness and guide you through the process of maternity and paternity leave.
Clear policies help both you and your employees. The less room for confusion the better. We’ll help you set and define these policies – and we’ll be on hand when they need to be applied. From the everyday issues that can crop up, to the serious disciplinary or grievance cases, disputes and redundancies, we’ll offer expertise and advice in even the most sensitive subjects.
Getting the most from your people is no matter of cheerleading, or stick-and-carrot motivation. With clear strategies in place, you can more effectively improve performance across your organisation – whether from effective probationary planning for new starts, appraisals for staff, management for poor performers or succession planning to compensate for those leaving your organisation.
Why Hire An HR Company
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