Meet the team – Neil Ferguson, Managing Director of Gravitate HR

Meet Neil, a cornerstone of Gravitate HR’s success story. Joining the team in 2012, Neil has played a key role in shaping the company’s growth and direction. In this blog, we delve into Neil’s journey through the field of outsourced HR, explore his day-to-day responsibilities, current projects, and get a glimpse of his life outside work

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into HR and what brought you to Gravitate”

I had a keen interest in business studies at school and in helping people through my part-time customer service job, which led to an interest in studying HR.

I joined Gravitate at the beginning of 2012 as an HR Assistant and began developing my knowledge and experience by supporting the wider team. Having completed my undergraduate degree in Human Resources and Law a few years before joining, it was a fantastic opportunity to develop in a generalist environment. I completed my Master’s degree in HR while working at Gravitate, earning full CIPD accreditation. My passion for supporting others and solving problems aligns perfectly with the field of HR consulting.

“What is your role?”

My role has both strategic and operational aspects. I work closely with my fellow Directors at board level to set and work towards the company’s objectives, manage budgets and ensure the business runs smoothly. At an operational level, I work closely with the core consulting team and clients to deliver our services and meet their needs.

“What projects are you and your team working on at the moment?”

Currently, we are supporting several clients in the scaling process. This involves providing close assistance with workforce planning, recruitment, and ensuring their HR infrastructure is robust enough to support their growth

There’s never a dull moment with the variety of HR projects we handle. Lately, we’ve observed a strong trend towards organisational restructuring, particularly within C-Suite positions. Additionally, there is a significant emphasis on inclusion and the human elements of ESG initiatives.

“What is the best thing about your job?”

Throughout my time at Gravitate HR, one thing has remained consistently rewarding: the opportunity to make a tangible difference for our clients and their businesses. Whether it’s maximising their potential through successful outsourced HR initiatives or guiding them through complex situations, the ability to support and mitigate risks is what makes this role truly fulfilling.

“With outsourced HR support, what are the main opportunities for businesses right now?”

For our clients and the businesses we want to work with, the outsourced HR opportunities are plentiful. Focusing on the work environment and culture being an inclusive one will help drive retention and engagement. That’s going to reduce staff turnover and expensive, competitive recruitment costs, plus the loss of tacit knowledge as people leave.

There’s also a huge focus on compliance at present, with a range of new legislation being implemented. This presents opportunities for employers to showcase their commitment to flexibility, inclusivity, and proactive employee care. It involves enhancing conditions like employee wellbeing and fostering a safe environment where individuals can thrive

Where change is required, either due to new opportunities emerging, funding coming through or due to circumstances outside the organisation’s control, there is always risk and opportunity. We find that effective strategic planning and communication during such changes can significantly impact the success of the process.

At Gravitate, we are the subject matter experts for our clients providing comprehensive HR expertise in a way which is understandable, friendly and reduces risk. We have solutions, experience and initiatives to support all people related requirements in any organisation.

“What do you do outside work?”

Away from work, family time with my wife and two young children has become an ever-increasing focus and is time I very much value. Football is another passion and whilst I am not getting to attend St Johnstone games so much at present, I know the opportunity will come back around!

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