For many businesses the way we work and our workplaces have changed forever. With many businesses now incorporating hybrid and flexible working we’ve experienced an unprecedented change in our workplaces. Add to that the speed at which it has happened and it would be fair to say that the marjority of businesses and people have adapted remarkably well.

Now we have time to take stock. The question is are your policies, procedures and handbooks up to date and reflect your new way of working?

The biggest shift over the past 20 months has been the mass move to home and hybrid working. This will have an impact on a number of policies and procedures but may also require guidance around the subject itself, such as:

  • How it works in practice, some roles may be more suitable than others to hybrid working
  • Technology
  • Types of activities that the office is used for
  • How IT security is maintained
  • Risk assessments, lone working
  • Insurance requirements for employer / employee
  • Support available, how to raise any concerns

Remember, any guidance is subject to change, depending on the needs of the business or particular role.

Here is our checklist of areas regarding your policies and procedures you might need to revisit, refresh and update:

Hybrid working may need to be reflected throughout

  • Organisation purpose, vision and values
  • Company strategy and goals
  • Company communications
  • Health and wellbeing policies
  • Equality and Diversity so that everyone feels included and heard
  • Opportunities are open to all, regardless of where they work
  • The handbook and introductory sections on values and culture
  • Recruitment and Selection Policies
  • Induction/Onboarding programmes and resources
  • IT policy
  • Data Protection, GDPR and Privacy statements
  • Disciplinary policy
  • Sickness absence policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Performance management policy
  • Contract of Employment
  • Job descriptions and person specification – do you need to carry out flexible working assessments, do you need to review person specifications regarding expected behaviours?

Guidance and Training

Managers may need guidance on how to support and manage teams remotely. I.e performance management, absence management, induction, health and safety. Staff may need training around using technology, and guidance around wellbeing and working from home

There are also some potential upcoming Employment Law updates!

  • Flexible working requests
  • Maternity leave rights
  • Potential reform
  • Changes to restrictive covenant clause in contracts
  • If there is any mandatory training for particular roles, this should be updated in contracts


It’s always good to keep staff updated on any handbook and policy changes and the reasons for those changes and what it means for them.

If changes reflect a contractual change then additional consultation and agreement may be required, it would depend on the nature of the change.

Having an HR system where all employment related documents are stored aids this process and could also potentially allow you to monitor and track whether a document has been read or not.

Need some help and advice?

If you need help to update your policies, procedures and handbooks we can help. We know from recent employment lawyers that companies are falling fowl of out of date policies when an issue arises so to avoid that it’s important that yours are up to date.

For help, assistance and advice email or call 0131 243 1374 or 0141 459 7458.