Our secret to planning for 2021

Following the unprecedented times of 2020 and the many unknowns in front of us in 2021 what can we learn from the last year and what is the secret to planning for 2021? How do we create an effective, pragmatic and realistic plan for 2021? Last year undoubtedly changed how we work, live and do businesses. As we set out in 2021 what can you do to prepare your team for the year ahead? How can you set goals and keep your team focused? How do you plan for staffing up or scaling your team down? How do you plan at all in such uncertain times?

Brexit, vaccines, tiers, the end of furlough in March and many other unknowns the one thing we can say for certain is that change will come rapidly. The result is that as a business and as a team we need to be agile, flexible and have a mindset that is open to change and opportunities.
In this webinar Margery and Charlie Johnston, director of Paratus Executive, to discover our secret to planning for 2021 and why we won’t be setting goals, targets or new years resolutions. While this might fly in the face of all the business planning guru’s advice, we’re taking a completely new approach.


With guidance changing so frequently, we are doing our best to keep you up to date. The information provided in the recording above is our understanding at this point in time (1st January 2021), however, as more and different advice becomes available this position may change, and we will update accordingly. This is an evolving and unfolding situation, and we take the view that various measures may need to be applied for different sets of circumstances at an appropriate time. We as a team are available to discuss with you what measures are available to you.

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