The use of art to improve our mental well being. 

This is the story of Jane Fletcher who has very cleverly and sensitively created the use of art, imagery and words to bring about conversations, positive thoughts and reflections that help illicit positivity and connectivity.
Over the years Jane has built up relationships with NHS trusts, homeless hostels, prisons and created suitable images that are placed in waiting areas, staff rooms and receptions so that they can be enjoyed and thought provoking.  In the past year this had given much needed joy, kindness and solidarity to teams of nurses and doctors facing difficult times, has assisted patients to have brighter and more connected moments.  In the video Jane shares some of her work and the impact that this has had in different work settings.

So how could it help in a business setting?  Workplaces have communal and meeting areas to which we will return and perhaps these form of images can be used to create mindful moments.  In a virtual environment they could be used to spark discussion, team chat and a shared purpose on group calls, in team meetings or in a training context.  The concept of gathering small moments that have made a difference and putting together in a collage or poster to reflect the little things that make such a difference.  Involving the team to create an image and use of words to reflect the values of the team and the business could be a useful team building exercise that demonstrates the sentiments, has a nod to the situation and the challenges and yet uses uplifting and positive language – this could create a sense of belonging, recognition of the challenges and the benefits of the work that is completed.  All that contributes to positive moments, connection with our fellow team mates and personal involvement which should illicit emotion and help us to see the world in a brighter and happier place.

Art of Giving – use art to create connection, understanding and involvement.